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Shaft Collars - Set Screw

Shaft Collars - Set Screw

Stainless Steel Bearing-U-Slot

Pneumatic Components

Shaft Supports - Flanged Moumt

Shaft Collars - Slit

Flexible Shaft Coupling - Jaw

Engineered Plastic Bearings - Flanged

Pneumatic Components

Shaft Supports - T-Shaped

Shaft Collars - Split

Flexible Shaft Coupling - Slit

Engineered Plastic Bearings - Flat

Pneumatic Components

Shaft Supports

Shaft Collars - One Touch

Shaft Coupling - Disc

Engineered Plastic Bearings - V Slot

Pneumatic Components

Connecting Parts

OEM /ODM One-stop Customization Serice

Manufacturing Strength


CNC Machining

Milling (3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis) turning (turning and milling) and surface treatment

Handboard duplicate mold

Manual rapid proofing, small batch of star vacuum copying, product level surface treatment process

Sheet metal processing

Laser cutting, sheet metal bending, welding, etc., and surface treatment

Injection molding

Single color injection molding, dual color injection molding, embedded molding, minimum order quantity from 500 pieces