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Full attention should be paid to safety protection in the overall structural design of star shaped elastic couplings

The strength of the star shaped elastic coupling: The radial motion generated by the centrifugal force during high-speed operation of the star shaped elastic coupling will accelerate its wear, and an outer shell will be added. In addition to being able to prevent dust and oil accumulation, insufficient thinning may cause interference. Excessive thinning can weaken the strength of the teeth and result in large backlash. The contact conditions of the outer teeth have been improved, avoiding the drawbacks of extrusion and stress concentration at the edge of straight teeth under angular displacement conditions. At the same time, the friction and wear conditions of the tooth surface have been improved, noise has been reduced, and the maintenance cycle is long. The tooth end of the outer gear sleeve of the star shaped elastic coupling is in the shape of a horn, so it is not suitable for use at high speeds and under impact loads, nor for the connection of vertical shafts. When designing the overall structure of the star shaped elastic coupling, full attention should be paid to the lubrication and dust prevention between the tooth surface and the roller, as well as the safety protection function. Because if the chain breaks, it may cause personal accidents. The curvature radius of the bulge curve is directly proportional to the thinning amount on one side of the inner teeth, which is related to the meshing clearance of the teeth, making it very convenient for the assembly and disassembly of the inner and outer teeth.

star shaped elastic couplings

Elastomer of Star Elastic Couplings: How to Analyze the Polyurethane Elastomer of Star Elastic Couplings? The polyurethane elastomer of the star shaped elastic coupling is limited by convex claw blocks, which can avoid internal deformation caused by impact and external deformation caused by centrifugal force; The large concave surface of the protruding claw reduces the surface pressure on the involute teeth, and even under overload, the teeth will not wear or deform. Axial insertion assembly, convenient for blind installation, saving time; Small size, small Moment of inertia, maintenance free; Easy for visual inspection.

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