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Machinable-Bore Clamping Two-Piece Shaft Collars

We offer a broad range of Machinable-Bore Clamping Two-Piece Shaft Collars bore diameters depending on the style you choose. Modified and custom sizing is also available by request.

Customize the bore of these collars to precisely fit your shaft. The two-piece design allows you to install them anywhere on a shaft without removing components or having access to the ends of the shaft. Collars clamp evenly around the shaft to create a strong, mar-free hold. Tighten the clamping screws to secure.

Add a plating or coating of your choice to unfinished steel collars. Black-oxide steel collars have some corrosion resistance. Aluminum collars are lightweight and have good corrosion resistance. 303 stainless steel collars have excellent corrosion resistance.

Need to customize the Machinable-Bore Clamping Two-Piece Shaft Collars.For more Machinable-Bore Clamping Two-Piece Shaft Collarsplease contact our sales team

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