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Pay attention to allowable installation errors for plum blossom flexible couplings

In high-speed and heavy-duty power transmission, the plum blossom coupling plays a role in buffering, reducing vibration, and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft system. Therefore, the plum blossom flexible coupling is selected as a bridge to maintain the transmission of two shafts, and to absorb the parallelism, angle and axial deviation between two shafts, thereby increasing the mechanical life and improving the product quality. Due to the numerous types of engineering machinery and agricultural machinery, and the different working conditions and operating environments of each type, the types of couplings have the characteristic of diversity. In order to fully utilize the performance of the plum blossom flexible coupling, it is necessary to pay attention to the allowable installation errors of the plum blossom flexible coupling during the installation design process.

plum blossom flexible couplings

The main types of plum blossom flexible couplings are eccentricity, deflection angle, and axial displacement, and their service life can be greatly affected by installation errors. Therefore, when selecting installation design, plum blossom flexible couplings should be selected, and the allowable installation error value should be considered to be less than half of the allowable installation error of plum blossom flexible coupling components. During the assembly of the plum blossom flexible coupling, clean the foreign matter, dust, dirty oil, etc. attached to the installation shaft and the coupling. Especially, the attachment contains Molybdenum disulfide, which will greatly affect the friction coefficient of the coupling, and is also easy to corrode the components, accelerating the risk of damage to the plum blossom flexible coupling.

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