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The plum blossom star coupling has high transmission accuracy

The plum blossom star coupling is processed by machining methods such as turning, milling, and broaching, and then undergoes overall heat treatment. To ensure sufficient mechanical strength, there is also a type of claw plate on the market that is a casting. The plum blossom star coupling can be produced in large quantities and eliminates processing losses. So in terms of price, it is much lower than machining. But the performance of the casting is not very good. It is better not to adopt it in some important occasions. And the claw teeth of the casting are prone to teething at high speeds or under high loads. Couplings used for high-speed applications include diaphragm couplings and high-precision drum tooth couplings. Small torque and transmission based shaft systems require plum blossom star couplings to have high transmission accuracy. Flexible couplings with metal elastic components should be selected, while shaft systems with large torque and power transmission also require transmission accuracy. At high speeds, flexible couplings with gaps between non-metallic elastic components and movable components should be avoided, and diaphragm couplings with high transmission accuracy should be selected.

The plum blossom star coupling

Installation of bolts: Thread the bolts into the outer side of the small hole on the flange, and out of the large hole on another piece of flange. Install a buffer sleeve, elastic washer, and tighten the nut with a wrench. If the installation is uncomfortable or removed for replacement, without damaging the shaft and half joint, it is better to rotate freely without any other force after installation. Couplings can be divided into heavy, medium, small, and light types in practical applications based on the transmitted torque. Medium and light universal couplings are commonly used in vehicles such as automobiles, machine tools, and light industrial machinery. On the premise of meeting the convenience performance, couplings that are easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain, and low in cost should be selected. For example, rigid couplings not only have a simple structure but are also easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be used for low speed and high rigidity transmission shafts. General non-metallic elastic element couplings (such as elastic sleeve pin coupling, elastic pin coupling, Quincunx elastic coupling, etc.) are widely applicable to general medium and small power transmission due to their good comprehensive ability.

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