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what are Set Screw Two-Piece Shaft Collars

Set Screw Two-Piece Shaft Collars are made up of a round metal or plastic ring with a clamp screw or multiple screws. Tightening the screws makes the ring tighten or loosen around the shaft. When securely tightened, shaft collars can act as mechanical stops, hold components in place along a rod, or serve as load-bearing faces.

Tighten the set screw to bite into an unhardened shaft for a secure hold. The two-piece design allows you to install these collars anywhere on a shaft without removing components or having access to the ends of the shaft. Clamping screws provide extra grip.

Carbon steel collars are strong and wear resistant. Their black-oxide finish is somewhat corrosion resistant, but only in dry environments. Their dark color can be useful for matching other parts in your system.

303 stainless steel collars are corrosion resistant and highly machinable.

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